Do you ever miss the good old days?

Have you looked around at the world and wondered whatever happened to our sense of community, personal safety or our ability to have fun?

For over one hundred years, the Strawberry Vale Community Hall has been a valuable resource to our local area, providing a facility for holding a range of community events. Since 1948, the non-profit Strawberry Vale and District Community Club has operated the hall. The main focus of the club has been to develop sports and educational opportunities for local children and to provide a facility that supports social activities for the local community.

Of course things have changed over the past several decades. Sixty years ago, there were fewer recreational options in the Victoria region, transportation was a challenge and families tended to stay in their homes longer. Since then we’ve seen the development of many recreational facilities in the area, greater mobility, and changes in society generally, resulting in shifting needs and values.

Fees have been kept low to encourage participation and surplus funds from renting the hall to other local groups are used to keep the hall running or to support the local community through bursaries or other grants.

If you live in the area, please help us keep the hall a relevant and exciting part of Strawberry Vale. Every community needs a gathering place and this is ours. Come out for Bingo night or one of the many other events. Consider booking the hall for your next family reunion or celebration.

If you are interested in being part of this local and grassroots facility, in having your voice heard and in reinvigorating the Strawberry Vale community,

Please join the Strawberry Vale & District Community Club.

Membership is only $7 for individuals and $10 for families.

General Meetings

General meetings are held the second Monday of each month starting at 7:00 pm in the hall.

They generally last for about an hour.

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